About Me

I am a Physical Therapist and Board-certified Women’s Health Clinical Specialist in Seattle, WA. I spend my days helping women and men with issues ranging from bladder control and painful sex, to pregnancy through post-partum recovery, and pelvic pain. To say this is my calling does not encompass the passion I have for educating my patients, students, friends, family, and the general public about pelvic health. Conversations about things that  happen in the bathroom and bedroom that most people don’t talk about are not uncommon when I’m in the room. Those closest to me can attest that these are normal conversations if I’m around, as they should be! I also treat general orthopedic impairments related to pregnancy and post-partum, as well as injury or muscular imbalances in athletes, desk jockeys, and everyone in between.


I received my Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Montana, and a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Montana State University. I have done extensive training in Pelvic Floor rehab through the American Physical Therapy Association and am currently a candidate for Board Certification as a Women’s Health Certified Specialist. I have also pursued continuing education for treating persistent (chronic) pain, Mulligan and McKenzie (MDT) techniques, visceral mobilization and Muscle Energy Techniques. I teach pelvic floor anatomy and function at YogaCalm’s RYT yoga instructor trainings and share at workshops at yoga studios and in living rooms around Portland & Seattle. I an active member of the American Physical Therapy Association Section on Women’s Health and assist at Pelvic Health and OB courses around the nation. 

A Montana native, I have a deep love of all things outdoors and my heart longs for mountain landscapes and trails. I am an avid runner and part-time yogi. My days off are spent sewing, gardening, and exploring the great Pacific Northwest.


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