CSM WCS Session Links

Click on one of the links below to find a Cochrane Review Abstract. You may want to click “View full abstract” at the bottom of the screen. Summarize and share with your group.

Aerobic exercise for women during pregnancy

Exercise for women receiving chemotherapy or radiation therapy or both (adjuvant therapy) for breast cancer

Exercise for preventing and treating osteoporosis in postmenopausal women

Vaginal weights for training the pelvic floor muscles to treat urinary incontinence in women

Behavioural interventions for dysmenorrhoea



Pelvic Health Essentials Workshop


The pelvis and it’s complex of muscles, ligaments, and joints is an essential piece of the human body, yet much of what goes on “inside” is a bit of a mystery to many. This workshop will cover the essentials of pelvic health from the inside out–from the organs to the pelvic floor muscles to the deep core.

We’ll discuss questions such as:

  • What are normal bladder & bowel habits?
  • What exactly is the core?
  • Is it normal to leak urine while exercising (or coughing or sneezing)?
  • What should things feel like after I have a baby?
  • How can I use yoga to enhance my pelvic health?
  • How is my back pain affected by my pelvic floor?
  • Does my pelvic floor cause my pain with sex?
  • What is the pelvic floor anyway?

This workshop is geared toward everyone of any age. While much of the information is geared toward the female body, men are welcome as well. Whether you are a body worker or just learning to work with your own body, come prepared to dive in and learn things that you didn’t know you didn’t know. There will be space for movement and poses intertwined, but this is primarily an educational workshop. The final hour will be set aside for Q&A, so feel free to bring questions about your own body or bodies you work with. You’ll also come away with handouts that can be shared.

Date: Sunday, May 1

Time: 8 am – noon

Cost: $80

Location: Still Moving Yoga

More information can be found here: Pelvic Essentials Flyer YogaCalm. Register by emailing me or with the contact form below.

“Little” issues

I’ve been spending time lately thinking about who I want to see in the clinic. The majority of patients I see are in the age range of “the change,” AKA Menopause. Many of them may be seeing problems for the first time since their hormone levels are changing, but I find that a lot of them– when they really start sharing their story–they have been dealing with issues since their babies were born. Their babies who are now in college. Or have babies of their own! So what gives? Why are women wearing pantiliners or avoiding jogging because they might leak? Why do they put up with running to the bathroom at every whim of their bladder for years? How did these “little” issues fall through the cracks? And why do I keep hearing “I didn’t know there was anything I could do”?

I LOVE these patients. I love being a positive part of “the change.” But what if we got to women before they are having issues? What if women saw a physical therapist before they have a baby, or as a standard right after giving birth, regardless of the presence of symptoms? These are the ladies I want to get to. In France women are given a round of PT just for having a baby! Let’s move in that direction! What if women found solutions long before “the change,” so that they aren’t in the clinic during it?

So I’m on a mission. To get to these women. I’m getting out into the community. I’m squeezing my way into yoga studios and CrossFit classes (oh CrossFit deserves a post of it’s own, but there are already some out there here and here) and maybe even a book club or two (I made my book club read Bonk by Mary Roach–that gets the conversation flowing!). Wanna listen? Stay tuned. I’ll be around.

New Beginnings

Hey there! After four great years seeing patients in Milwaukie, I am moving forward in my career and joining the wonderful team at Element Wellness Center. This is a big change for me and has included sleepless nights, challenging conversations, and what feels like a whole line of breakups with my current patients. But oh what’s ahead! New adventures, a change of scenery on my bike/run commute, a smaller private clinic, and who knows what else. What is not changing? I will still be providing the highest level and most personal care to men and women with pelvic floor dysfunction, bowel and bladder issues, and orthopedic impairments. Check out the contact page to get in touch, and check back here for more posts to come in this new stage!