Patient Testimonials

“After 12 years taking meds daily for frequent urination/incontinence, it never would have occurred to me that this simple regimen would solve this problem for me in a few short weeks.  It really is a great solution for anyone interested in taking personal responsibility for their health care and well-being.  Generally, I believe I am in excellent health at 60, and this not only helped me to eliminate a medication, it also helped me avoid surgery that I previously thought was the only solution.  All in all, it has been a very low impact solution to a very high impact problem.” -EF

“I truly feel grateful for having had you as my physical therapist these past few weeks.   You made me comfortable each time we met, even when the topic was quite personal.  Your manner was attentive, caring, with excellent knowledge of anything I could think of to ask you about.  You even brought up topics I have never even spoke about with my family and I still felt comfortable.” -JC

“Thank you again for your professional time and patience helping me with my chronic pelvic pain.  You are an angel.” -JB

“Mandi is wonderful, skilled, compassionate and helpful.” -Anon.


Mandi Jo Murtaugh is listed at


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